A Taste of Sicily


Fried Onion and Artichoke   16
Braised garlic aioli, peas


Sardine Bucatini   24
Saffron, raisins, fennel, dill, topped with bread crumbs and pine nuts


Grilled Swordfish   36
Tomato coulis, warm potato salad, olives, chives, crispy capers


Brioche Gelato Sandwich   10
House-made brioche, pistachio gelato


Le Casamatte Peloro Siciliane Rosso    14/205oz/8oz
Sicily, Italy
A floral bouquet on the nose with notes of berries and licorice.  Fresh acidity and vibrant tannins on the palate with a spicy finish.

Feudo Maccari Grillo    12/185oz/8oz
Sicily, Italy
Dried mango and cooked pear on the nose.  Lemon zest, sage, almond and crisp acidity on the palate.