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Alcohol Disclaimer

We are very excited to offer you an extraordinary wine selection from B.C. and Italy holding true to our families’ origins. Please email our Manager at for a current copy of our list. If you would like to bring your own wine to Piva, our Corkage fee is $45 per bottle. We allow 1 bottle per two people up to a party size of 8 guests. We do not allow wine to be brought in for parties of 9 or larger.

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Alcohol Disclaimer


The content we create for this site is meant to entertain and inspire other responsible adults of legal drinking age to try their hand at making cocktails and learn more about the alcohol and spirits behind the drinks.

We do not advocate overconsumption or the abuse of alcohol. While we hope you will try our drinks on this site, we hope you will do so with responsibility. Our content is not intended for promoting alcohol abuse, binge drinking, hazing, trolling, or any other forms of abuse.

We sometimes use unique ingredients, herbs, and of course, alcohols. Please keep your own circumstance and health into consideration before trying any of the drinks or recommendations on this site. Drink in moderation. We take no responsibility on the effect the drinks make on you. When done responsibly, we consider drinking to be a positive social activity and we appreciate quality over quantity.

We do our best to research the information included in our content, but there may be technical inaccuracies or typos now and then. If you see one, please tell us. If we find we have an error, the information on this website and social accounts may be changed or updated without notice.

Before using any of the content, please remember:

  1. Don’t drink if you’re not of legal age and before you’re 25. Give your brain time to develop before you drink alcohol. You’ll have developed stronger decision-making skills and save yourself from some hard lessons.
  2. Never drink and drive. Take a cab or other rideshare service home if you’re out and planning on drinking. Call your family/friend(s) if you need. They’ll be probably up and would like to hear from you anyway.
  3. Drinking excessively will cause harm to your body and mind. Please drink mindfully. Seek help from a professional if you have a problem, or if you think you might have one.